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YOOX unique virtual-styling feature expands its catalogue to 50,000 pieces

YOOX has shown confidence in its artificial intelligence, expanding the catalogue of its two-year-old YoooxMirror technology, where consumers can “virtually” try on clothing and accessories.

Starting from today, YOOX virtual-styling suite is even more interactive, with a completely new layout and an expanded catalog of exclusive items to choose from.

The upgraded version of YOOXMIRROR now offers 50,000 fully digitised products, which customers may select to personalise their own avatars.

In addition to the garments and accessories of the different brands featured on YOOX, with the upgrade, the entire 8 by YOOX collection has for the first time been fully digitised and made available for customers.

The final new addition is a share function, which allows all users to share their favourite looks on their social-media channels, involving their friends in the virtual shopping experience.

YOOXMIRROR was pioneeringly launched two years ago as a response to the rise of influencer-driven styling, customer self-styling and image creation on social-media amongst the younger generation of customers.

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