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What magazine editors are looking for in November

November might seem like an unlikely time to think about Earth Day and getting your products in magazines, but did you know that magazine editors start looking for products for their April issues in November?

What types of products are magazine editors looking for in November?

There are two types of magazines that you may want to consider pitching your products to: NATIONAL magazines and REGIONAL/LOCAL magazines.

In November, NATIONAL magazines are working on their April issue. Here are the types of products they typically cover during this month:

  • Green and eco-friendly products – includes clothing and apparel, beauty products, lifestyle products, tech, food, outdoors – ANYTHING that is eco-friendly!

  • “Clean” your life – lifestyle, cleaning, organization, home decor, outdoors

  • Spring products – products that help in the rain (rain boots, umbrellas, gardening, outdoors, clothing, raincoats, etc.)

In November, REGIONAL/LOCAL magazines are working on their January issue. Here are the types of products they typically cover this month:

  • New Year – includes going to parties in style, entertaining, outfits, activities

  • New You – focus on everything you need for a fresh start, including beauty, clothing, journals, calendars, organization

  • New Year’s Resolutions/Fitness – fitness clothing, food, apps, workout gear, health products, vegan products

Your pitch plan for November might look something like this:

  • Week 1 – pitch national magazines for April

  • Week 2 – pitch regional/local magazines for January

  • Week 3 – follow up with national magazines

  • Week 4 – follow up with regional/local magazines

If you’d like more guidance for marketing your fashion business, email me at to schedule a consultation call.

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