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Amazon unveils "Amazon One," a technology that makes it possible to pay for anything with your palm

Amazon unveiled "Amazon One," a technology that makes it possible for users to pay for products with their palms. The technology will launch in two Amazon Go stores in Seattle and expand to other Amazon Stores soon. 


  • The biometric technology creates a palm signature based on surface area details such as lines and ridges. Amazon filed for a patent last year for the technology. 

  • Amazon is planning to offer this service to third-parties like retailers, stadiums, and office buildings who will benefit from contactless entry and payment technologies, particularly during the pandemic.

  • To register for Amazon One, users should have a credit card and mobile number – an Amazon account is not mandatory. The user accounts and biometric details can be deleted through an online portal. 

  • After registering, customers can scan their palm and enter a store. Amazon will charge anything they take to the credit cards linked to their palm.

A version of this story first appeared in Inside Business. You can read the full issue here.

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