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Hasbro Unveils “Lord of the Lawn,” “Overpriced Latte,” and Four Other Play-Doh Scents for Grown-Ups

Play-Doh’s newest product isn’t just for kids. Recognizing that its product could be therapeutic for adults during the pandemic, similar to the calming nature of coloring or playing with slime, the company released Play-Doh for grown-ups. The line features six "intriguing" and "relatable" scents for the pliable playthings including Overpriced Latte (coffee); Mom Jeans (clean denim); Grill King (smoked meats); Dad Sneakers (rubber); Spa Day (floral); and Lord of the Lawn (fresh cut grass). Speaking with The Huffington Post, Play-Doh brand general manager Leena Vadaketh said that the six strange scents were aimed at “anyone who loves a good laugh" and are "meant to evoke everyday things that bring adults joy.

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