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Future Consumer Trends Summary

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

​A focus on mindfulness and spirituality inspires us to prioritize not just physical, but mental health. A movement expanding past apps and podcasts, 24/7 Perspective, a new line of T-shirts, aims to bring awareness with noteworthy slogans like Emotional Stability, Rational Thoughts, and Mindful Awareness. Disconnecting equates to more productivity. This means sleeping more, meditating regularly, and listening to our bodies. Retreats, ancient wisdom, and spiritual practices help guide us in the pursuit of happiness.

Environmentally conscious breakthroughs continue to dictate our level of global sustainability. The reality of our political and climatic landscape is a topic that we can no longer stay silent about. A leading force when it comes to retail activism, Patagonia has taken to speaking out on environmental issues in an effort to protect our national monuments. Their impact doesn't stop there; the outdoor retailer encourages consumers to repair and reuse any Patagonia gear to further reduce our environmental impact.

As the feminist movement continues to evolve and gender perceptions are questioned, we see a major disrupt in the feminine hygiene industry. Topics that were once considered taboo are being approached head-on with an inclusive authenticity. As women continue to push forward, men have also begun challenging the stereotypes facing them. Products and campaigns from Axe and hims aim to explore the softer side of today's modern man.

People are increasingly adopting vegan diets because of the ethical concern over animal cruelty and the future of our planet. A plant-based diet is rich in fiber and packed with antioxidants, helping prevent obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Brands like Oatly and Ripple decided to skip the cow altogether with grain and pea-derived dairy alternatives that maintain maximum nutritional value with minimum environmental impact.

The medical industry is rapidly advancing with innovations in wearable trackers, smart sensors, and wellness apps that place the power of health into the individuals' hands. Society as a whole is more health conscious than ever thanks to the abundance of information at our disposal. Fitness is now seen as a preventative lifestyle movement where people are working out more, eating clean, and tracking their progress.

We'd like to get your thoughts. Do you agree? Are you seeing similar trends in your universe? Please share...

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